We are selling Coco Brooks as our next Fundraiser. It runs from today until March 26th. Pick up will be April 7, and orders MUST be picked up that day. Please do not participate if you are unable to pick up that day, as we cannot store boxes of perishable pizzas!

This is a FAMILY fundraiser. 70% of the profit goes to your account.

If you want to participate, please go here: and sign up for a seller account. Once you are linked to the campaign, you will be given a unique customer invitation code from the website.

Each seller will have their own unique customer invitation code to give out to your customers so that when the customer enters their order, the credit goes to the correct seller.


If you would rather use paper forms, they are here:

Attachment: Coco Brooks order form.pdf (170.2kB)
Attachment: Coco Brooks Product List.pdf (211.6kB)


Please submit ONE order form and cheque per AGC family (have all your orders on one form).

Comp families – 70% of the profit of these sheets go to your account (approx. $7.50 each set), up to your monthly training fees, then 30% if you go above that amount!


PS – did you know if you mention Altadore Gym at Cobs on 130th, we also receive a donation from them?