West Jet ‘Gift of Flight’

A Westejetter parent has graciously donated a ‘Gift of Flight’ package to us to raffle off as a gym fundraiser! More details are here:

November/December Family Fundraiser

Grinch Trees!

Orders Due: November 29th (QUICK ONE!)
Delivery: December 15

They are $40, with $10 profit – so $6 to you, $4 for the gym!

Please place one order/gym family. One cheque/order (have your friends pay you, you pay us.)
Please pay via cash or cheque at the front desk.

This is a family fundraiser – 60% of the profit goes into your AGC account!



Are you an online shopper? Follow the links through this website: and AGC gets a kickback!
Our team code is Y475QG.




PS – did you know if you mention Altadore Gym at Cobs on 130th, we also receive a donation from them?

Please note – Competitive Member’s Fundraising credits do not have cash value and are not refundable. You must use it for AGC fees.