Special Fundraiser!

Since most the competitive programs need to purchase new suits/singlets this year, we have decided (with a push from some great parents) to allow these families to do a special fundraiser and keep 100% of the profits! We will be offering 2 Bottle Drives; September 29 in Quarry Park, Riverbend & Douglasglen and October 13 in Auburn Bay (with the possibility of more dates later).

This is open to the following competitive groups:
Peng Peng Lee
Vanessa Ferrari
Victoria Kornova
Svetlana Khorkina
Rose Woo
Simona Amanar
-All MAG
-All T&T competing Provincial level 1 or higher (if unsure, please contact Derek).
-Not open to the Performance Team at this time.



1.  There is a minimum age of 7 years old to participate in the bottle drive.
2.  By signing up for the bottle drive, you are committing to the entire day (9:15 – 3:00)
3.  The deadline for signing up will be 3 days prior to drive, to allow for planning etc.
4.  Only those who participate share the profits. Parents must accompany children to receive their share of the profit. Feel free to team up (2 athletes, 2 parents in a vehicle).

You can sign up HERE:

We aren’t capping the numbers for participation, but you may only sign up for one of the two drives; Sept 29 or Oct 13 to allow more families to participate. At this time, we’re only opening this up to the groups that are ordering custom suits.

*Oct 13 – We need someone who has a truck with standard 2 5/16 ball hitch to pick-up a trailer from the South Pointe Bottle Depot (5126 126 Ave, SE), set it up in Auburn Bay at a location TBD, then return it back to the depot once the bottle drive is over.


PS – did you know if you mention Altadore Gym at Cobs on 130th, we also receive a donation from them?