Specialty Classes

At AGC we strive to bring you a multitude of activities and types of Gymnastics for all ages!

Acro Gymnastics: Ages 6-12
Freestyle Gymnastics: Ages 8-12
Teen Gym: Ages 13-18
Tumbling for Dance & Cheer: Ages 9-16

2018/2019 Season:
Session 1: Sept 4 – Oct 28 (8 weeks)
No classes Sept 3, Oct 8
Session 2: Oct 29 – Dec 22 (8 weeks)
No classes Oct 31 (evening), Dec 14
Session 3: Jan 7 – Mar 10 (9 weeks)
No classes Feb 7-10, 18
Session 4: Mar 11 – May 5 (8 weeks)
No classes Apr 19
Session 5: May 6 – June 28 (8 weeks)
No classes May 20

Prices are pro-rated for days with no classes. 

Acro Gymnastics: Ages 6-12
This program will introduce the basics of Acrobatic Gymnastics, as well as basic tumbling and dance skills. Athletes in this program will learn and perform a short acro routine at the end of the session.

Freestyle Gymnastics (Formally Ninja Parkour): Ages 8-12
This program runs once a week for an hour each class. This program is for both boys and girls ages ranging between 8-12. This class is for the athletes who want to flip, roll, and climb around like a ninja/parkour gymnast! In class, athletes learn agility, speed, balance, and coordination while running and maneuvering through a variety of obstacle courses and station setups, not seen in traditional gymnastics. 

Teen Gymnastics: Ages 13-18
This is a self motivated class for teens who want to continue learning new gymnastics skills or to maintain previous learnt skills with direction and instruction from a certified coach.

Tumbling for Dance & Cheer: Ages 9-16
Designed for Dancers and Cheerleaders. This is a intermediate to advanced class to work on skills such as back handsprings, aerials and maybe even back tucks! Prerequisite is a perfect round-off and the desire to do more!

Registration Opens April 1st at 9am.
Registration opens October 1, 2018
No classes Feb 7, 8, 9 or 18.
Tuesday & Wednesday Classes are 9 weeks. Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday classes are 8 weeks.
Watch Facebook for Registration start dates!

Please note – Classes may be combined or cancelled due to enrollment numbers.