4th Annual Moose Mountain Fundraiser

Once again this season we will be holding our Annual Moose Mountain Fundraiser!

Over the past 3 seasons, we have raised a total of over $34,000, which was used to purchase new foam, tramp mats, equipment and a chalk eater, which will be installed in the new gym.

This year, as we move and expand in our new building, we will be working towards raising money for  foam, as we are increasing the size of our pits in the new facility.

Please see below for detailed information on the fundraiser, along with fundraising sheets to get started.  We will have a hike and welcome back BBQ in the fall for all those who participate, as well as many prizes along the way, including a gym sleepover for all those who raise $300 or more.  This was a huge hit last season.


Mountain Fundraiser 2017 Moose Mountain Fundraiser Info

Mountain Fundraiser 2017 – Fundraising Sheet