Competitive Trampoline & Tumbling

Trampoline & Tumbling (T&T) conjures images of precise dismounts and stunning twists. T&T gymnasts exemplify aerial speed and power in their dynamic routines. The sport is comprised of 3 events: trampoline, tumbling and double mini-trampoline (DMT). Athlete’s can compete at different levels from event to event and training groups are combined male and female.


Trampoline, an Olympic discipline, symbolizes freedom, flying, and space. Multiple somersaults and twists are performed at a height of 8 m and require precise technique and perfect body control. The trampoline is also used as a basic training device for all sports that contain acrobatic elements.

Check out this video of Canada’s Rosie MacLennan performing a trampoline routine.


Tumbling is characterized by continuous speedy, complex, rhythmic hands to feet, feet to hands acrobatic elements lasting around 6 seconds. This work is performed on a 25 m long dynamic track. Tumbling is a highly spectacular sport, in which a perfect combination of speed and rhythm in somersaulting and twisting movements are required.

Check out this video of Canada’s (and past Altadore athlete) Jon Schwaiger performing a tumbling routine.


Double Mini Trampoline developed from the common mini-tramp, but allows for a more acrobatic performance. After a take-off, the competitors perform one exercise on the mini-trampoline, followed by another routine on the landing mat. High level gymnasts execute double and triple somersaults with twists.

Check out this video of Canada’s (from Red Deer) Keegan Soehn performing a DMT routine.



Pre-Comp Group: 4 hours/week

The T & T Pre-Comp group trains for 2 days a week for 2 hours a day. The main focus of the group is to have fun and create/nurture a passion for the sport of T & T. The athlete’s will also develop strong fundamentals and basics in preparation for moving into the Provincial group in the future. Although there is no competitions at this level, some physical testing events might be attended.

Provincial Group: 9 hours/week

The T & T Provincial group trains for 3 days a week for 3 hours a day. This group will continue to increase physical ability, technique and difficulty on the 3 events. The intent of this group is to prepare for and attend various competitions (including invitational’s, Alberta Cups, Provincial Championships and Western Canada Cup).  In preparation for competing, athletes will be introduced to personal goal setting, competition strategies and mental training. Athlete’s in the Provincial group will also have to opportunity to move into the National Group.

National Group: 12 hours/week

The T & T National group trains for 4 days a week for 3 hours a day. This group will continue even further to increase physical ability, technique and advanced difficulty on the 3 events. Athletes at the level might start specializing in 1 or 2 events. Preparation for higher level competitions (including National Championships, Canada Cup, any trials to National trials and international events) will continue. Athlete’s in this group will typically have aspirations to represent Team Alberta at the Canadian Championships and/or Team Canada at international events like the World or World Age Group Championships.


Head Coach: Derek Hanson

Developmental and Competitive Coaches: Jessica Whipp