Girls Recreational Classes

The girls will train on all four Olympic events; Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam and Floor. Beginner level is co-ed and all Artistic Gymnastics Olympic events will be taught.

Ages: 6+

Continuous Monthly Classes
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Small classes, physical distancing and strict cleaning protocols in place.

Cangym Program
These classes follow the CanGym program, which is a nationally recognized curriculum for recreational gymnastics. Children will train on all Olympic events. Each level consists of multiple badges for a total of 12 different coloured badges that participants receive upon successful completion of that level.
This program is based on ability and NOT age. Although we cannot guarantee it, we always attempt to group children of similar ages.

Beginner- Burgundy, Red & Tan badges (level 1, 2 & 3). A class for those who are 6 years old and up that have not completed level 1-3 of CanGym in the SuperSquirrels class. This class will focus on the fundamentals and safety skills needed to advance quickly and safely through the CanGym System. Athletes will work on all Olympic events with a focus on proper landing technique, body shapes, spatial orientation and confidence. This level is co-ed.
Novice – Bronze, Purple badges (level 4 & 5). This class will focus on strengthening athletes through “funditioning”, body awareness and basic knowledge of the mechanics behind gymnastics. Athletes will work on body shaping in different skills with more focus on proper shaping. Prerequisite: Tan Badge.

Intermediate – Blue, Turquoise & Silver Badges (level 6, 7 & 8). This class will focus on a higher end  training program, with more focus on connecting skills, conditioning, cardio, mental preparation and visualization. Goal setting will be introduced as there are many skills an athlete can acquire that are not currently in the CanGym level system. (ie: stride circle, front hip circle, tinsikas, shushanova and many more).  Prerequisite: Purple Badge.
Advanced – Orange, Yellow, Green & Gold Badges (level 9, 10, 11 & 12). A class focused on the final levels of the CanGym. This class will focus on finalizing the skills that the CanGym level system builds up to almost competitive style training with complexes and apparatus specific conditioning to ensure safety at this higher level.  We can also work on any skills that are not currently in the CanGym level system through goal setting and proper progressions. Prerequisite: Silver Badge. 

If you are unsure of what level to register in, we recommend Beginner. Usually the novice classes run at the same time, and the Coaches will assess the children and move them accordingly on their first class.

Starting in September, 2020 we are doing continuous monthly programming. Classes will continue all year, and you will be automatically billed on the 27th of each month for the next month. Don’t want to continue? No problem! email by the 25th to withdraw.

Athletes will be moved up to the next level when they need to, and formal assessments will be done in November, February, June and August.

See our FAQ’s page for more info and the yearly calendar:





Specialty Classes 

Please note – Classes may be combined or cancelled due to enrollment numbers.