Girls Recreational Classes

The girls will train on all four Olympic events; Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam and Floor. Beginner level is co-ed and all Artistic Gymnastics Olympic events will be taught.

Ages: 6+

2019/2020 Season:

Session 1: Sept 3 – Oct 26 (8 weeks)

Session 2: Oct 27 – Dec 21 (8 weeks)
No classes: Oct 31, Nov 11
Fees are prorated for days we are closed.

Session 3: Jan 6 – Feb 29 (8 weeks)
No classes: Jan 10, 11, Feb 17
Fees are prorated for days we are closed.

Session 4: Mar 2 – May 2 (9 weeks)
No classes: April 3, 4, 10
Fees are prorated for days we are closed.

Session 5: May 4 – Jun 27 (8 weeks)
No classes: May 18
Fees are prorated for days we are closed.

Cangym Program
These classes follow the CanGym program, which is a nationally recognized curriculum for recreational gymnastics. Children will train on all Olympic events. Each level consists of multiple badges for a total of 12 different coloured badges that participants receive upon successful completion of that level.
This program is based on ability and NOT age. Although we cannot guarantee it, we always attempt to group children of similar ages.

Beginner- Burgundy, Red & Tan badges. A prerequisite for the higher levels. Focus on mastering fundamental movement patterns. This level is co-ed.
Novice – Bronze, Purple badges. Focus is on mastering fundamental skills on women’s artistic apparatus. Prerequisite: Tan Badge.

Intermediate – Blue, Turquoise & Silver Badges. Focus is on mastering more challenging skills on women’s artistic apparatus. Prerequisite: Purple Badge.
Advanced – Orange, Yellow, Green & Gold Badges. Focuses on mastering the identified target skills. Prerequisite: Silver Badge. 

If you are unsure of what level to register in, we recommend Beginner. Usually the novice classes run at the same time, and the Coaches will assess the children and move them accordingly on their first class.









Specialty Classes:

Registration Opens April 1st at 9am.










Specialty Classes:

Summer Classes are Co-ed.
Specialty Classes:

Trampoline & Tumbling Classes:






Specialty Classes:

Registration Opens October 1st at 9am.

  • Session 2 is an 8 week session for Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday classes, and a 7 week class for Monday and Thursday classes (due to Halloween and Remembrance Day). Classes are prorated for days we are closed.

Please note – Classes may be combined or cancelled due to enrollment numbers.