Trampolines are BACK!
Trampolines can now be used at Drop-In. 

Please click to fill out WAIVERS

(Waiver and Session Screening Checklist needs to be filled out once from July 1 – June 30.)

Drop-In Rules

Everyone on the gym floor must fill out a waiver.

1) All participants must sign in at the front desk before entering the gym
2) One at a time on all equipment
3) Children under the age of 7 MUST be supervised by an Adult at all times (3 children per one adult)
4) No babies in carriers or strollers allowed on the floor
5) No Swinging on ropes and rings.
6) No spotting each other – Ask the coach on duty for progressions instead. Please note that Drop-in is for FUN and not a time for competitive training.
7) Kinder equipment is off limits to adults
8) No food, drinks or gum in the gym – Water bottles are to be kept at the water bottle station
9) Proper gym attire must be worn:

  • NO shoes or socks (cheer shoes on gym floor is ok)
  • NO hats, scarves or jewelry of any kind

10) Foam Pits:

  • Off limits until further notice

11) Personal Belongings:

  •  Lockers located in the gym are NOT for Drop-in use
  •  AGC is not responsible any of personal belongings

12) Respect all staff and coaches
13) Clean up and respect all the equipment you have used