Due to size restrictions from the Alberta Government, there will be no Preschool classes until further notice.

Our Preschool (Active Start) program is designed for children under the age of 6. Altadore’s Preschool program is a FUN introduction to a structured gymnastics class that involves basic movement skills for children who are walking independently.

Parent & BABY Squirrel
Age: 10mo – 17 mo

This class is designed for the teeniest of Gymnasts. A 45 minute introductory class for tots & a parent. Songs, games, climbing, jumping and all kinds of fun! Colourful props and toys will make the time fly by. And don’t forget the famous foam pit!

Parent & Squirrel
Age: 18mo – 3 years

This class is a participation classes, which encourages parent and child interaction in a safe gymnastics environment. Children will learn motor skill development through play, games and creative movement.

Age: 3 – 5 years

This is a fun introduction to the Sport of Gymnastics. Our little athletes will experience many areas of the gym and lots of equipment, including Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, the AirTrak and yes, our famous Foam Pits!  These classes are co-ed & Children will work on skills in the gym to get them prepared for the leveled recreation program.

Age: 5 years

The next step for our little athletes. These classes are co-ed & Children will work on skills in the gym and start working towards the first three Badges in the CanGym program (burgundy, red & tan).

Boys MightySquirrels
Age: 4-5 years

An advanced class for 4-5 year old boys, coached by Coach Ryan – our Men’s Competitive Team Head Coach. This is a feeder program for our Competitive Team, but is also a great activity to gain foundational qualities for other sports. Prerequisite: Boys should have done at least 2 sessions of KinderSquirrels and be very interested in gymnastics and capable to attend a 2 hour class once a week.

Classes for Ages 3 & Under

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Classes for Ages 3-5

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