Gymnastics helps in developing strength, flexibility, coordination and self esteem for boys and girls of all ages, levels and abilities. Altadore uses the CanGym Badge program which allow participants to progress with the proper tools in order to become successful while having fun in the gym in a safe environment. This program is intended for use with participants of varying abilities aged 6 and older. 

Girls Recreational Classes

These classes will follow the CanGym program, which is a nationally recognized curriculum for recreational gymnastics. The girls will train on all four Olympic events; Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam and Floor. Ages: 6+

Girls Rec Classes

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Boys Recreational Classes

These classes will follow the CanGym program. Boys start with the Co-Ed classes for the first 3 badges. At the Novice level, the boys will train on all six Olympic events; Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar.

Boys: Ages 6-12

Boys Rec Classes

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T&T Recreational Classes

Our co-ed trampoline and tumbling classes follow the recreational CanJump program that is designed to teach T&T to children in a fun, friendly safe environment. Children will learn the three disciplines of T&T; trampoline, double-mini and tumbling.

Ages 6-13

T&T Classes

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Specialty Classes

At AGC we strive to bring you a multitude of activities and types of Gymnastics for all ages! 

Teen Gym: Ages 13-18
Freestyle Gymnastics: Ages 8-14

Specialty Classes

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